Microsoft To-Do

Just as quickly as I started getting used to the my Wunderlist/OneNote system, Microsoft announced their new To-Do app. Presumably built by the Wunderlist team that they acquired, which also means that Wunderlist is on its deathbed.

First Impressions

Microsoft has continued to stick with the flat, clean, minimalist design. The app is also minimalist in features, only a fraction of the features available in Wunderlist are available in the To-Do app. The "import from Wunderlist" tool only makes this more confusing since some the organization structures aren't available yet.

My Day

Microsoft To-do

One of the best features however, is the My Day view. Wunderlist had a "today" view for tasks with dues dates on the current date, but I had to manually move other tasks around to create a focused "today" view with only the tasks I needed to care about on any given day. To-Do app automates most of this for me and even offers suggestions for tasks I could add. I can see a lot of potential for this in the future when they can integrate Cortana and the email/calendar apps to automatically help users focus on the highest priority items each day.

I've migrated my tasks over and started testing out my system with the new app, so far things have been pretty smooth. The only downside at the moment is the lack of a native Mac app, I prefer that over the web site when weekly/daily planning on my MacBook.

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