I help startups build mobile apps. That moment when you have an idea for an awesome app, that's when I come in. I'll help you validate your idea, build the MVP and set you up for success.

When your users want a mobile app

Wayup is the largest online marketplace for jobs and internships for college students and recent grads. While they had great website, their target audience was mobile-first and they needed a mobile app.

Since the website and backend were already up and running, we focused on building an app the brought a distinct mobile experience while keeping the product on brand. After successfully launching a native iOS app, I got a chance to rebuild the entire app in React Native to launch the app on both iOS and Android.

I maintained and supported the app through multiple updates for hundreds of thousands of users, worked closely with the marketing team to engage users and track metrics, and ultimately made a positive impact on our engineering and business goals.

When it's just an idea

GLAMSQUAD is self-described as the "Uber" for stylists. They came with an idea and a brand identity, they left with a beautiful iOS app and a backend that scaled to support the business as they expanded to several new cities.

For mobile-first startups, the app IS the business. A collaborative effort with the client to understand the business and focusing on a small set of core features was the key to getting to market quickly. I continued to work closesly with the client for a smooth handoff to their in-house development team after a successful launch.

When there's a new platform

LevelUp allows customers to pay using their phones. Their in-house development team built the iOS and Android apps that served as the inspiration for the Windows Phone app.

At the time, Microsoft released the brand new Windows Phone 8 platform with a revamped "metro" UI. We took an existing product and built an app that "felt" native to the users on a Windows Phone. Sadly, this app is no longer available.

When you want to know how it's done

Lead Dog is an app to manage your league sports team and get notifications when schedules or venues change. Building an app with best practices. Scaling a backend with a serverless architecture. Onboarding done right. Email, push notifications and a marketing strategy to connect and engage users. Strategies for App Store SEO and Monetization. If you want to know how it's done, chances are I'm already doing it with this app.

What started off as side project to try new tech and keep my skills sharp has evolved into my personal "How To" guide for building and launching a mobile product.

I blog about the development of Lead Dog and all the best practices I've learned and implemented, like serverless architecture, onboarding user experience and finding the right subscription model.

Follow my thoughts, checkout projects that interest me, connect with me professionally or send me an old fashioned email.