With the release of Swift 1.2 beta a few weeks back, I’ve decided to officially transition my team to start developing with Swift.

Back in November, I transitioned over to Swift for my personal project. I was working on a web app and figured trying to learn Swift would keep iOS fresh in my mind. However, with the beta release of Swift 1.2, I was starting to feel comfortable enough with the stability of the language (and Xcode) to start using it in my day job.

So it’s done, Swift for all new projects. I briefly considered a slower migration, mixing Objective-C and Swift; and I tried it for an Apple Watch app where the iPhone app was written in Objective-C and the watch extension was written in Swift. I didn’t really like it and it broke one of my core principles, standardization.

I’ve always considered a key part my success at my job has been the ability to get the whole team standardized in the way they work. Having projects mix and match with various styles and syntax from two different languages would’ve been worse than living on the edge of beta releases. And I’m also betting that 1.2 will come out of beta in the next few weeks in time to allow developers to submit their Apple watch extensions, so it’s not too much of a risk for me.

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