It wasn't until the end of my second week into the development of the admin portal, that it really dawned on me how much things had changed.

In the mobile app development world, things are opinionated; it's Android, it's iOS. Java and Eclipse or Objective C and Xcode. Pick a language, download the IDE, and you can spend the rest of the time creating great apps. As I started working on the admin portal, Javascript was the clear language of choice, but after that it was essentially a sea of frameworks and tools. The web development world was different, very different.

Parse's javascript framework is built on Backbone.js. This was good start for me. However, it seemed like Backbone.js had lost steam and a couple of other frameworks were dominating the tutorials and blog posts, particularly Ember.js and Angular.js. Although, as their extensions suggest, all three are javascript frameworks, their approach and philosophy are very distinct.

As someone just getting started, this was one of the biggest hurdles to get over. In an ideal situation, I would try out each one, learn the frameworks, and figure out which one was the best choice for the project. However, it was well past my original 3 week estimate to finish the admin portal, and it was clear I was getting lost in the various javascript frameworks that were available and the shiny new ones that were coming out.

What really helped me was to go back to the beginning and re-assess each of these frameworks to figure out which one closely resembled my own approach and philosophy on software engineering.

In the end, I kept coming back to Backbone.js. It was simple and lightweight.

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