Hello Jekyll

After months of building, learning and rebuilding, the site is finally here.

Outside of work, my previous experiences with creating personal sites involved writing a bunch of static html pages in notepad. With this site, I knew I wanted a blogging component to it, so I knew I had to move away from simple static pages.

My first attempt started with Wordpress since it was readily available with my hosting company. Wordpress did a lot of things right out of the box, but the more I started customizing and tweaking (with no prior experience in php), the more complicated things got. Wordpress is a mature platform but to me it felt very bloated and I gave up on it pretty quickly.

The next experiment involved running the blog on Tumblr. Not only was it easy to write posts, there are a lot of great themes to chose from to style your site. The downside of using a platform like Tumblr is that you can pretty much only customize the theme, there is no way to get under the hood and customize the way your site works.

After briefly considering going back to Wordpress, I heard about Jekyll.


"Jekyll is a simple, blog-aware, static site generator." Jekyll takes plain-text blog posts formatted in Markdown, slaps on a template and generates a static web site.

Since the introduction, I've been using it for every site I've built. It is simple enough to get up and running quickly, while being completely flexible enough for me to customize it as much as I want.

So now I'm basically back to building static pages, but this is way cooler.

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