Back when I decided to completely focus on mobile app development, words like jQuery and HTML5 were just becoming mainstream. In fact, my first try at an app was really a web app packaged to run on a Blackberry. Since then I've been working exclusively with native apps on various mobile platforms, and developed a bias towards web apps. I believed web apps were simple, easy and the real challenges were in mobile apps.

Fast-forward to November of this year, when an opportunity to work on a web admin portal came up and I agreed to work on it. I was fairly confident it would be manageable, I was still comfortable with the usual suspects; HTML, CSS and JavaScript, and a quick Google search turned out that jQuery and HTML5 were still the mainstream. I pretty much had the entire architecture of the admin portal mapped out in my head. We were using Parse as our BaaS of choice, so I already had that in the bag, and I'd peripherally read Parse documentation about hosting web apps.

I estimated about 3 weeks to build out the admin portal.

Day 1

Parse's Cloud Code loosely resembles a customized version of Node.js. Having just finished off another project relying heavily on Node, I figured I'd start with that. Took about 20 minutes to get Cloud Code to serve up a login page. Entered my credentials, and BOOM I was magically taken to a placeholder for the home page. Great it worked! Then I tried again, but this time entering the incorrect credentials. Again, I was magically taken to a new page displaying an error message. This is not great, the error message needs to show up on the same login page. Painful memories of my web development days flashed before me.

I had the thought that every developer in my situation thinks; If I can just figure out jQuery by the end of this week, then I should still be able to crank this out in 2 weeks.

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